Youngkin Launches ‘Asian American and Pacific Islanders for Youngkin’ Coalition – Taps Puneet Ahluwalia as Leader

FALLS CHURCH, VA – Political outsider, successful business leader, and Republican nominee for governor Glenn Youngkin announced today the launch of the “Asian American and Pacific Islanders for Youngkin” coalition, chaired by Fairfax businessman Puneet Ahluwalia.

Asian American & Pacific Islanders for Youngkin is a diverse coalition of members from many communities in Virginia united in their support for Glenn Youngkin for governor. Glenn is partnering with AAPI leaders in Virginia to ensure these vibrant communities have a seat at the table and a voice in their future. Glenn is determined to protect meritocracy, encourage entrepreneurship, support small business, and provide equal opportunity and safe communities for all Virginians.
“Glenn Youngkin is a successful businessman and job creator who wants to see every Virginian have the opportunity to achieve their dreams,” said Ahluwalia. “Glenn knows our families need a stronger, more inclusive economy and good-paying jobs. He knows our children need better schools. Glenn’s character, integrity, and expertise is exactly what we need in Richmond, and it’s an honor to support his campaign as Chair of the AAPI for Youngkin Coalition.”
“Virginia should be a safe, welcoming place for everyone to get a good education and have an equal opportunity to succeed,” said Youngkin. “I’m excited to listen and work with Puneet and other APPI leaders in Virginia to build a rip-roaring economy, restore excellence in our schools, and prioritize public safety. Our Commonwealth should be the best place in America to start a small business, and it will be when I’m governor.”
To join the Asian American and Pacific Islanders for Youngkin Coalition, sign up here.
Puneet Ahluwalia works as a business consultant in Fairfax and is a member of the Northern Virginia Republican Business Forum. Puneet is originally from India, and he and his wife Nadia became U.S. citizens 14 years ago. They live with their three children in Northern Virginia.