The Chairman of Virginia’s Proud American PAC Calls on Denver Riggleman to Reconsider His Possible Independent Candidacy for Governor

“A Riggleman independent candidacy could hurt not just the future of Virginians, but of all Americans.” -Puneet Ahluwalia

Fairfax, VA – Puneet Ahluwalia, the Chairman of Proud American PAC, responded today to Republican Congressman Denver Riggleman’s comment last week that Riggleman was considering a run for Virginia’s Governor as an Independent in 2021.

Ahluwalia said, “As someone who has supported Congressman Riggleman in the past, I am dismayed to hear Congressman Riggleman’s announcement that he is considering an Independent candidacy for Governor even while serving as a Republican in Congress. I’m convinced the Republican Party’s message of free enterprise, personal freedom, and an unalterable belief in the dignity and value of every individual is exactly the message Virginians, and Americans, so desperately need to hear right now,” Ahluwalia said.

Ahluwalia continued saying, “America is in trouble right now in a way it hasn’t been since WWII, or even the Civil War. Everything America stands for is being tested by people who want to take our freedom and put government control ahead of personal empowerment. This is no time to divide the party, and jeopardize Republican chances in the 2021 elections. Virginia’s off-year elections in 2021 for Governor will be an important sign of how things go in the mid-term elections of 2022. A Riggleman Independent candidacy could hurt not just the future of Virginians, but of all Americans.”

Ahluwalia concluded, “Representative Riggleman claimed in his primary, he was working to build a Republican Party big enough for moderates and conservatives. Only the Republican Party can be the party of Ronald Reagan, the party of Larry Hogan, and the party of Donald Trump. There’s plenty of room in the Republican Party for every American who loves freedom and loves the best of America when we stand at our best. We can work to improve the process, and we should, but I trust Rep. Riggleman will agree we can never abandon our commitment to core principles and to Virginians.”

Puneet Ahluwalia is a US citizen who immigrated to the US nearly thirty years ago, built a business that employed nearly 200 Virginians, and has launched the Proud American PAC, He is considering a Republican candidacy for Lieutenant Governor next year in Virginia.