Puneet Ahluwalia Charges Democrat Criticism of Youngkin Proves They Are Neo-Racists

Recently, the Washington Post published an article with the following headline: Democrats criticize Glenn Youngkin overuse of “yellow Virginians in interview about unity.”

According to Puneet Ahluwalia, a 1st generation South Asian immigrant and Founder of Proud American Political Action Committee, “This is just another cynical attempt by Democrats to play politics with race. They’ve created an issue where none exists, while refusing to take real action on issues that hurt people of color.”

Ahluwalia asked, “Where are they when it comes to making more charters available for families of color forced to attend failing schools because of their zip code? What are they doing to stop violent crime in neighborhoods where their anti-police policies have turned inner city neighborhoods into war zones? And how do they defend policies that promote fatherless families, encourage permanent dependence on government, and result in discrimination against Asian Americans when it comes to limiting merit-based admittance to STEM schools like T.J. High?”

Ahluwalia went on to say, “The same progressives who accuse Glenn Youngkin of something he didn’t say are now trying to promote a hateful and divisive curriculum of critical race theory in our high schools that tells young people their destiny is determined by the color of their skin and not their effort, merit, or achievement. It’s child abuse. And it proves Democrats are really just neo-racists.”

Ahluwalia concluded, “The truth is that the Democrat Party is doing much the same thing they did back in the civil war — trying to use race hatred to maintain control. It’s shameful, it’s repulsive, and people of color are starting to realize it.”