Proud American PAC Backs the Blue

It was a pleasure Thursday afternoon to join friends at a Back the Blue rally in McLean, VA. With so many progressive Democrats calling for partial or full “defunding,” the brave men and women who protect and serve need to know that most Americans appreciate their sacrifice and hard work. The event was organized by Dranesville District Republican Chair Rosie Oakley. Proud American PAC is happy to join Chair Rosie, and a loyal group of Republican activists, to support our law enforcement officers. We will never support a politician who wants to “defund” our police. That message came through loud and clear on Thursday in a very busy part of town.

To our surprise, one of those passersby who saw our rally was United States Attorney General William Barr. Not so surprising, he stopped to join us. It was an honor to meet him. Attorney General Barr carries the nickname of our Nation’s Top Cop. His support for law enforcement is genuine. Standing with us at a Back the Blue Rally is a powerful symbol of our country’s commitment to the rule of law.

But too many Democrats are currently using the terrible tragedy of George Floyd’s murder to slander police officers everywhere. Democrats’ discontent with law enforcement is as genuine as conservatives support for law enforcement, creating a stark political divide that should not exist. We all need to support the brave men and women of law enforcement, regardless of political party.

Just take a look at the cities Democrats have controlled for 50 years or more. Portland and Seattle are among the worse examples. Mobs run free while city officials order their police to stand down. The same thing is happening here in Virginia in our own capital. Governor Northam called a state of emergency back in January when a peaceful group of Virginians protested draconian gun control laws, but he failed to call for a state of emergency as rioters burn Richmond businesses to the ground. It’s perverse, and it’s an insult to all the citizens of Virginia.

Virginia Attorney General Mark Herring won’t do anything either. He hasn’t tried to stop radical Democrats in the General Assembly from entertaining a ridiculous bill that would change assault on a police officer from a felony to a misdemeanor. That is truly outrageous. That kind of terrible legislation will only create incentives for violent perpetrators to attack police officers. More than 800 officers have been attacked across America in the last 2 months, many were badly hurt, some permanently. But with Herring’s law, those who assault police officers would receive only a slap on the wrist. That sends the wrong message not just to law enforcement, but to every Virginian.

I stand with US Attorney General William Barr in support of our law enforcement. We Back the Blue and invite you to join us.

~ Puneet Ahluwalia
Chairman, Proud American PAC