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Puneet Ahluwalia, Fairfax Businessman, Announces Formation of Proud American PAC

Let’s Elect Conservatives Ready to Make Virginia Great for All Virginians

Fairfax, VA — Republican businessman, Puneet Ahluwalia, announced Saturday that he has launched Proud American Political Action Committee to make Virginia great for all Virginians.

“Who would have thought 5 months ago Virginia would face a global pandemic, an economic meltdown, statewide protests, schools closed indefinitely, a crackdown on our 2nd Amendment rights, and an assault on our freedom and our culture?”

“I’m forming Proud American PAC because for those Virginians who believe as I do, that America is the greatest nation in the world, but our political leaders aren’t living up to the promise of our great state.”

“As a person of color, I sympathize with those who are frustrated and angry about race in this country, but not for the same reasons as the progressive politicians in Richmond.” Ahluwalia said, “we need to launch a real discussion among all Virginians about race and the ways we can bridge the gap in opportunities, income, and education.“

Ahluwalia continued, “For nearly 6 decades, progressives who run most of our largest cities, have trapped our poor in communities that discourage job growth, prevent small business start ups, and force children into failing schools. Then the same progressives who have rigged the system against economic mobility tell minorities there is no hope. No wonder people are frustrated and angry.”

Proud American PAC will work to elect candidates who are aligned with the following core principles.

  • That we are all created equal, with personal dignity, and constitutional rights government should never be allowed to take away including the right to believe what we want, say what we think, worship as our convictions dictate, own private property, and benefit from our labor, creativity, risk, and innovation.
  • That the main goal of government is to create a society that preserves and enhances family security including economic, material, and spiritual security.
  • That the answer to solving our racial disparities is not more government, but more opportunity, greater economic prosperity, and more freedom.
  • That all our children deserve and need the best education possible, and that will come not by giving teachers’ unions more control, but by giving families more choice. Charter schools, and private schools, provide important options and create competition in the education market place. New technologies also allow us to provide resident college students with new online courses for a fraction of the cost of in-person instruction.
  • That safe neighborhoods are critical to fostering hope, growth, and stability. What the City of Richmond has done to begin reducing their police budget will only drive up crime and make vulnerable populations even more vulnerable. We need more police, not fewer, with better training, modern equipment, and a greater focus on community engagement. Respect is a two way street, police need to give it to those they are supposed to serve, and the public needs to return it in fair measure.
  • That creativity and new technologies will address the environmental problems including climate change better than any government program. While government certainly has a role to play, it’s the genius of individual innovation empowered by free markets that is the key ingredient to meeting our climate challenges.

Ahluwalia continued, “I believe with all my heart that American free market capitalism is the greatest engine of economic prosperity ever devised. But our economy has left too many people behind. We can and we should do better by making it easier to start and fund small businesses in minority communities, encouraging greater job creation, organizing private internships for every Virginia high school graduate, helping people climb the economic ladder, improving schools, and modernizing our infrastructure.

Part of making Virginia great for every Virginian includes bringing inner cities, as well as those rural areas of Virginia, into the prosperity they’ve too often not been part of.

Ahluwalia concluded, “Proud American PAC will support candidates willing to carry the conservative, free market, message of hope, growth, and opportunity to every family and every community in Virginia.”

Puneet is originally from India and serves as a consultant to businesses on client acquisition, marketing, and strategic affairs. His wife is from Pakistan, and is of Afghan heritage. She owns and operates a business that provides IT services to companies and government agencies. They became citizens of the United States over 14 years ago. Puneet, his wife, and their 3 children live with their canine friends, Louie and Maximus in McLean.

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